App Settings

The general settings customize your experience when using Publii, rather than changing individual websites that the app has created. There are three areas in this section, starting with a Basic Settings block that contains the following options:

Publii General Settings

  • Load At Start - This option sets which of your websites will be opened when you start Publii, or to default to the last used website.
  • Time Format - Set your timestamps to be in 12 or 24-hour format.
  • Image Resize Engine - Set which engine should handle image manipulation; Sharp is faster, but some users encounter issues with their images when this is enabled. In such cases, use Jimp, which is more stable.
  • Close post editor on save - If enabled, the post editor screen will be closed when changes are saved and you will be returned to the post list. 
  • Always save search state - When enabled, Publii will save the current search results even when creating a new post, allowing you to return to the listing. By default, Publii only saves search results when opening a post to edit.
  • Show modification date as column - When enabled, an additional column with the modification date will be displayed in the post list.
  • Show post slugs on the listing - When enabled, the post slug will be displayed under the post title in the post list.
  • DevTools in Main Window - When enabled, this option will automatically load DevTools for troubleshooting as soon as Publii is loaded.
  • Use wider scrollbars - Enables wider scrollbars in the Publii app; useful if you're using a high resolution and want the scrollbars to be more visible.

The second block in this section is the Files Location block; there are three options available:

Publii Files Location

  • Sites Location - Define where the files for the websites you create with Publii, including themes, are stored. This can be set to, for example, your Dropbox folder to backup your site in the cloud, or any local directory.
  • Backups Location - Defines where backups created in the Backups section of the app are stored; again, this can be set your local cloud folder to allow for your backups to be stored online, or stored locally.
  • Preview Location - Define where the files of the website preview are stored. Leave blank to use default preview directory.

The final block covers Default ordering in lists; this tells Publii how you want your content such as posts, tags, authors be displayed in their respective listings. By default, all lists are sorted descending by ID i.e. newest item first, oldest item last. The available options here are:

Default posts ordering on the lists
  • Default posts ordering - Sets the ordering for the Posts listing. 
  • Default tags ordering - Defines the ordering for Tag listings.
  • Default authors ordering - Sets the ordering of the Authors listing.

Each listing can be set to order by IDCreation DateDate last modified, or alphabetically by Title or Author; each of these can also be set to ascending or descending.