Press & Brand Assets

Hi there! We're so glad you're interested in using Publii's brand resources. There are a few guidelines we ask you to follow, so please take a moment to read them through. You can download individual assets such as the Publii logo or screenshots with many different file formats. Thanks for your interest!

Publii logos

The logo should not be stretched or distorted. It should be used without shadows or borders or any other effects. It should also not be used in a container where there is not enough room for the logo. 

Publii logo for light backgrounds

Publii logo for light backgrounds.

Publii logo for dark backgrounds

Publii logo for dark backgrounds.


Publii screenshots

Publii product screenshot

Publii Block editor screenshot.


Friendly legal reminder

You are about to download a set of graphics that are protected under intellectual property laws. Please make sure to use them correctly so that we can protect our rights.

  • Don't use them in a way that would imply an affiliation between your product or service and ours.
  • Don't use them as part of your own product or service's name.
  • You may not alter them in any way you like, or combine them with other graphics without written consent from TidyCustoms.

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