Promote Your extension with Publii

With many core Publii features now in place, we would like to expand the library of themes and plugins that Publii has to offer by allowing external submissions for both plugins and themes from our users that will be advertised on their respective Publii Marketplace.

If you've created a plugin or theme for Publii that you feel would be helpful for other users, you may submit it to the Publii Marketplace via the following process:

  1. Create a site where the plugin or theme is described in detail, and may be downloaded by Publii users; this can be your own site or a GitHub repo.
  2. Submit your plugin or theme for review; the submission should include a screenshot and a short but concise description/feature list. For plugins, an icon should also be included that will be displayed on the Plugin Marketplace; this is not required for themes.
  3. Our core team will review the plugin or theme to ensure it meets our quality criteria.
  4. After review, if accepted, a description page will be added to the Publii Marketplace with a link to your extension page that you provided when submitting the plugin or theme for review.

Plugin Submission Requirements

As noted above, four elements are required for plugin submissions; a Download Location, a Screenshot, an Icon, and a Description with a Feature List. These elements should contain the following:

  • Download Location - This should be either your own personal site, or a GitHub or similar page where users will be able to download your plugin. 
  • Screenshots - Screenshots should be of high-quality in .png format (min. 144dpi). At a minimum, a single screenshot of the options screen is required to maintain a standard layout with other Publii plugins. However, if the plugin provides visual elements or effects on a page, then a screenshot of the plugin in use should be included instead.
  • Icon - The icon will be used when displaying the plugin in the list of plugins on the Publii marketplace.
  • Description with Feature List - This section should follow the standard used by other plugins on the marketplace; a short, single-paragraph description of the app concept and function, and a short unordered list of available features and options.

Theme Submission Requirements

Theme submissions for the marketplace generally require the same elements as the plugin submissions, with some minor differences. The required content includes: a Download Location, a Screenshot, and a Description. These elements should include the following:

  • Download Location - As with the plugin submissions, the download location should be your personal site, or a GitHub or other similar page where users will be able to download the theme file.
  • Screenshot - The screenshot should be high-quality in .png format (min. 144 dpi) . Usually, this should include the main elements of the frontpage, such as the header and post listings if relevant. The intention is to communicate the core design philosophy of the theme.
  • Description - The description should be one or two paragraphs covering the features and design of the theme, and the target demographic e.g. it may mention that the theme is useful for portfolio or personal blog sites.

Submission Review

When reviewing submitted plugins, the main factors that our team will look for is functionality and ease-of-use; does the plugin provide a feature or function that will be useful to our users? Are the available options sufficiently explained? Does the plugin conform to the standards established by the core plugins?

For themes, the criteria will be focused more on layout and stylings, included features, and efficient code to ensure minimal load impact on sites that choose to utilize the theme.

In the case that a submission is rejected, our team will be able to provide a general reason as to why, but we won't be able to go into finer detail about build/functionality/aesthetic issues, as doing so wouldn't be maintainable as the number of submissions grow.

Premium Plugins and Themes

Premium plugins or themes that require payment may be submitted to the Publii Marketplace. However, please be aware that the Publii Marketplace will only showcase the plugin or theme, and provide a link for users to visit your site for purchase. Processing of payments, invoicing, post-purchase support and other sales-related requirements will be the responsibility of the plugin or theme developer; Publii will not provide any support in this area.

Accepted Submissions

Once a submission of a plugin or theme is accepted, you will be notified and the plugin or theme will be uploaded to the respective Publii Marketplace. Accepted plugins will use the submitted icon to display the plugin in the marketplace, with the screenshot, short description and feature-list included on the main plugin page.

For themes, the screenshot will be used to display the theme on the marketplace, with the one or two paragraph description and screenshot included on the main theme page.

Additional screenshots, features and a detailed description of the plugin should be included on the theme or plugin page of your website.

Support for User-Submitted Plugins and Themes

As a small team, it will not be possible for us to provide support for submitted plugins or themes to our users. Each plugin/theme author will thus be responsible for troubleshooting or assisting users with their queries or issues as they arise.


In this way, we hope to greatly expand the functionalities available in Publii, while also maintaining a standard of quality so that Publii remains an inviting, welcoming solution for all users, especially those with less experience of web development.

Submit extension by sending it to:  contact [@]