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If you're interested in creating a new theme or want to learn how to modify one of the existing Publii themes to suit your needs, this is the right place for you!

Publii renders its themes using Handlebars, which offers great flexibility and opportunities to create diverse pages on your website.

We recommend newcomers start with the How to install a new theme in the Publii tutorial and then our Handlebars introduction. Both will ground them in the basics of Publii theming.

If you are creating a custom theme, both the articles on the theme config.json file and the theme structure will be helpful.

Blank Theme

For users who want an easy way to start building a Publii theme, you can try out the blank theme included with the main package; it's the perfect way to start your Publii theme development adventure!

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Guides explain in-depth various aspects of building and working the Publii's theme.

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In this section, you will find many articles covering the additional features available in Publii.

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