Tags page tags

Below you shall find a list of all the handlebars tags available in the tags.hbs and amp-tags.hbs files used to list all tags inside your website. Please remember that the tags.hbs file is optional and will be used only in the themes which declares support for it.

Template-specific tags

  • {{#tags}} -  array of the tag items available on the website
  • {{tagsNumber}} - total number of tags in the {{#tags}} collection

Common tags

  • {{title}} - page title
  • {{metaTitleRaw}} - meta title in raw form
  • {{metaDescriptionRaw}} - meta description in raw form
  • {{metaRobotsRaw}} - meta robots value in raw form
  • {{#featuredPosts}} - array of the featured post items
  • {{#hiddenPosts}} - array of the hidden post items
  • {{#tags}} - array of all tag items available on the website
  • {{#siteOwner}} - informations about main author as author item
  • {{#authors}} - array of all author items on the website (if display of authors w/o posts is enabled it will contain also authors without posts)
  • {{menus}} - array of assigned menus (key is a menu position name)
  • {{unassignedMenus}} - array of unassigned menus (key is a slug of menu name)