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Publii generates static websites that are really fast; they avoid all the unnecessary bells and whistles that slow down modern sites and negatively impact their rating in searches. Static sites send all their site files directly from the server to the browser; no databases to check, no external requests for data from other providers; just the essential files in a single stream for smooth, rapid loading. This is why search engines love Publii sites; one of the key metrics for ranking websites in a search is their load speed.

Most users will lose interest if a site isn't ready to display in a few seconds, and static sites offer the fastest load times possible. What's more, they don't need to generate any content through scripts, so it’s easy for the search engine to read and index your site content, further improving your search ranking. If you want more visitors to see your content, then a static site is the way to go.

With Publii, Your SEO is in good hand

SEO is a complicated but necessary business if you want your website to grow, and with Publii's features, you'll be able to make the best of your search engine rankings.

SEO settings

Take full control of your SEO settings

Publii includes all the base SEO options you'll need for a solid foundation. Use and modify default page titles, metatags, and descriptions. Create your own SEO logic to apply standardized settings to each type of page, such as post, author, tag, search, or error pages, instead of messing around changing each page separately.

You can even hide specific pages or the whole site from search engines if they're not ready for the world stage.

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SEO settings

Schema Markup

Automating structured data markup

Help Google show more relevant data in its search results, and make sure your pages are eligible to appear as rich results using microdata. Publii provides a straightforward solution for adding microdata markup for full post pages, making your website indexable and integrated with other online resources.

Automating structured data markup

Pretty URLs

Get clean, readable, search-engine friendly URLs

By default, Publii generates pages with standard. HTML suffixes, but with the included Pretty URLs option; you can instantly switch to using SEO-friendly URLs that do away with suffixes and are far more easy-to-read for visitors.

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Search-engine friendly Pretty URLs


XML Sitemap

If you're serious about your site's SEO, you'll need a sitemap. It provides search engines with a structured list of your website pages, making them easy to find and index, which will have a positive impact on your search rankings. With Publii's built-in sitemap generation, you won't have to lift a finger; your XML sitemap is auto-generated by the app.

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XML Sitemap

Open Graph

Open-Graph Tags

Social media has redefined how people interact with the internet, and making sure your site links look good on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter is a must for extending your online presence. With the Open-Graph tag support included with Publii, all your posts will auto-generate tags to make sure your links look their best wherever they're posted.

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Open-Graph Tags

Go faster and be safer than other websites

Websites created with Publii are static, which makes them fast and unbelievably secure from hacking attacks when compared with other, dynamic sites; you won't even have to worry about security updates or managing databases.

Website Speed

Hand-coded themes combine beauty with speed and SEO performance

Publii themes don't just look good; they also generate a minimal amount of code, providing fast load times without sacrificing aesthetics. Our themes are hand-coded efficiently, using only plain HTML, CSS, and scripts, without the need for frameworks such as Bootstrap or JQuery.

What's more, our themes are designed to work beautifully on mobile devices, which will give your site a significant boost to its visibility in search results.

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Hand-coded themes


Clean, semantic code that follows modern standards

Publii's in-house themes are powered by clean, semantic code that search engine indexing bots can easily parse. They're lightweight, framework-free, and avoid complicating their functionality with gimmicks; just plain HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript.

Clean, semantic code


Website speed options

You and your visitors want your website to go fast, and Publii knows how to do it. In addition to the lightweight base that a static site offers, you'll find additional options to squeeze that last bit of extra performance out of your server, including Lazy Loading, responsive images, and automatic file compression and code minifying, leaving your rivals in the dust.

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Website speed options


Automatic conversion of JPG/PNG images to WebP format

The WebP image format was created by Google to provide a smaller image file without sacrificing quality. This is a great option for websites website that need to squeeze every ounce of speed from its files to minimize load-times. Publii automatically converts your images to this format, so you can ensure that your site runs as fast and smoothly as possible without compromising on quality.

Automatic conversion of JPG/PNG images to WebP format

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