Protect users' data with GDPR-compliant, privacy-focused website.

Publii generates static websites that are, by their nature, privacy-focused. By default, Publii-based websites do not collect any personal information whatsoever (no database, no user credentials), does not send user information to third parties, and do not retain any information that users provide.

Want to use third-party tools for tracking or analytics? Publii delivers privacy tools to enable users to make their sites GDPR and CCPA-compliant without the need for inputting long commands, messing around with complex code, or remembering unnecessary credentials, which makes for a faster, smoother, and simpler workflow.


All assets, including fonts, scripts & CSS are served locally

All official Publii themes that our team creates, both free and premium, do not use any CDN or third-party providers to deliver files. Instead, all files; fonts, scripts, icons, and CSS files, as well as any images Publii generates, are stored locally.

Basically, if you're running a base Publii website without any third-party extensions, then you're site should be fully GDPR compliant; no mess, no fear, no fuss.

Static assets served locally


Advanced Cookie Banner

Empower your site visitors to take control of their privacy with Publii's fully-featured cookie banner.

Create a simple banner for basic cookie information, or go deeper with the advanced settings; provide detailed descriptions of your site's cookies and their function and allow users to agree or disagree to each group with a click via a smooth, intuitive overlay that doesn't negatively affect the site experience or overwhelm users with options and info.

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Advanced Cookie Banner


Embedded Content Consent

Protect your users from third-party cookies by enabling embedded content consent. Once enabled, embedded content such as videos is disabled until users explicitly consent to the provider's cookies, allowing them to decide how their data is used.

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Embedded Content Consent


Do Not Track Modes

Want to let users watch embedded videos from YouTube or Vimeo on your Publii site without affecting their user accounts or recommendations? Switch on the Do Not Track mode, and embedded YouTube videos won't have any effect on recommendations. With Vimeo content, cookies can be blocked altogether, providing the most privacy-focused video content possible.

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Do Not Track Video Modes

Plugins & Scripts

Easy and intuitive plugin integration with the cookie banner

Publii includes a lot of optional plugins covering a range of functions, including searches, commenting systems, and analytics, some of which require cookie consent. But thanks to the advanced yet easily-understandable options included with Publii, each plugin's cookies can be quickly and easily added to a cookie banner group in just a few moments, helping your site stay GDPR and user-friendly. No need to dive into the code; it's all handled through the intuitive app interface.

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Easy and intuitive plugin integration with the cookie banner

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