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Publii Language File Checker

The release of Publii version 0.39 included many features, not least of which was app interface translations. Thanks to the amazing efforts of our great community, the Publii interface has already been translated into many other languages, all of which…


The cookie banner - common issues and solutions

A cookie banner, which allows website visitors to consent to selected technologies/services, is an essential part of most websites, but actually implementing it can turn into more of a headache than it would first appear. Often, common cookie banner solutions…


Optimise fonts for a faster website

At a time when design is moving towards minimalism, focusing on greater simplicity and legibility, typeface can become one of the most distinguishing features of website pages. That's why graphic designers are often eager to use non-standard typefaces; it helps…


Optimize CSS code for a faster website

CSS provides the "tools" we need to make visually-striking websites, and we'll often find ourselves exploring new methods, functions and features that will help us raise the aesthetic impact of our site. But it's important to remember that the CSS…

How to avoid losing data on your website?

Though truly catastrophic hosting datacenter issues rarely occur, if/when they do, it can be, to put it mildly, rather inconvenient for their users. Without adequate measures in place, such critical situations can lead to people and companies losing valuable data,…

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