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Publii now available for Linux

There's been a slightly longer wait than usual for the latest update, but it was all for a good cause; we're very happy to introduce Publii for Linux! That's not all in this update though; there are other new features…

Aid Publii's development on the Open Collective

Publii has been going from strength to strength, with a complete code rewrite that primed the app for sustainable growth, multiple hotfixes to iron out bugs, and development shifted to GitHub for an open and community-driven dev cycle. We've still…

Help Publii get noticed in the CMS Critic Awards

Publii has been going from strength-to-strength with lots of new features and many more to come; with more regular betas being released development is really hitting its stride! Now we need your help to grow Publii's profile by nominating Publii…

Why we built Publii, the first true Static Website CMS

In recent years the technical aspects of creating a website have become increasingly complex and challenging; much more so than it was before. Responsiveness, load times and semantics have become key elements in the struggle for relevance in search engines;…

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