Help Publii get noticed in the CMS Critic Awards

Publii has been going from strength-to-strength with lots of new features and many more to come; with more regular betas being released development is really hitting its stride! Now we need your help to grow Publii's profile by nominating Publii in the CMS Critics Awards.

Your nomination will help Publii get noticed in the web-development world, bringing even more users and developers into the fold. With more users, we'll have even more hands on deck to contribute to testing and bug-hunting, and a more diverse set of opinions to help us discover new features and additions to the app to make it appeal to a wider audience.

Once the stable version of Publii is made available later in 2017, these users will be able to actively contribute to development, further growing our available themes, plugins and features to make Publii even better.

How to nominate Publii

To submit your nominations for the CMS Critics Awards, head over to the CMS Critics Awards nomination page and fill out the nomination form. pick whichever category you feel suits our app best; we think Publii's a great fit for the Best WordPress Alternative award, but the choice is always up to you. With your help, we'll see Publii get bigger, better and even more intuitive in the coming months.

Nominate Publii CMS Critic Awards

Nominate Publii

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