Written by: Bob Mitro

Bob is a co-founder of the Publii project and a web designer and front-end web developer with over fifteen years of professional experience in the design industry.


Publii Language File Checker

The release of Publii version 0.39 included many features, not least of which was app interface translations. Thanks to the amazing efforts of our great community, the Publii interface has already been translated into many other languages, all of which…


Huge Privacy-Focused Update; Publii 0.40 now available

The latest Publii update, version 0.40, is now available for download, bringing a big focus on privacy. In this release, you'll find improvements to the cookie banner including improved consent handling, plugin integration, and multiple modes allowing visitors to provide…


The cookie banner - common issues and solutions

A cookie banner, which allows website visitors to consent to selected technologies/services, is an essential part of most websites, but actually implementing it can turn into more of a headache than it would first appear. Often, common cookie banner solutions…


Introducing Publii 0.38

Publii development has been trundling along, despite the numerous challenges and tribulations the past year has brought. And so, we're happy to finally release our latest update, version 0.38.0, for our users to jump into. Our focus at the moment…


How to create a fixed footer

Sometimes you may need to keep the footer at the bottom of the page, regardless of the page height content. I found many solutions, but almost all of them use too much code, require the use of display flex or…


Publii 0.37.3 maintenance release

In this release, we've added new features and improvements recently requested by our community. The main one is that you can now deploy your site to any S3-compatible storages in just a few clicks. We've also fixed some bugs and…

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