Written by: Bob Mitro

Bob is a co-founder of the Publii project and a web designer and front-end web developer with over fifteen years of professional experience in the design industry.


Publii v.0.36.1 maintenance release

Despite the efforts of our wonderful beta testers, the sheer size of the Publii v.0.36 release meant that there were always going to be some bugs that slipped through the net. In this v.0.36.1 maintenance release, we aim to address…


Introducing Publii 0.36

Following almost six months of design and coding work, along with some exceptional efforts by our beta testers, we're feeling rather proud of our progress and can finally share the results of all this hard work; Publii 0.36 is ready…


New Publii 0.35.2 Release ready for macOS Catalina

This is very important Publii release for all macOS users. As you probably know, the upcoming macOS Catalina introduces a new notarization requirements for Mac apps created outside of the Mac App Store (more details). Through the notarization process, Apple scans software…


Publii 0.35.1 Maintenance Release ready for download

The Publii team's still working hard on the next big update that will bring some rather impressive new features, but in the meantime we've made lots of smaller changes that we think our users will appreciate getting their hands on…


Publii 0.34 Adds Theme Updates and Batch Post Operations

The latest maintenance release for Publii, version 0.34, is released and ready for download. As with all maintenance-oriented releases, the focus here has been on bugfixes and more minor or backend improvements, but there's a few new features that are…


Publii hotfix 0.31.3 released

Some minor improvements have been made in the Publii GitHub repository, so we've decided to release a small hotfix release as a stop-gap towards the next larger update. Nothing major here, but you'll see the groundwork starting to be laid…


Publii now available for Linux

There's been a slightly longer wait than usual for the latest update, but it was all for a good cause; we're very happy to introduce Publii for Linux! That's not all in this update though; there are other new features…


Publii v.0.29.1 adds GitLab Pages support, other fixes

The latest version of Publii, version 0.29.1, has been released and can be downloaded from the download page for any users looking to upgrade. As with all Publii releases there's plenty of improvements and fixes, but the big addition this…


Aid Publii's development on the Open Collective

Publii has been going from strength to strength, with a complete code rewrite that primed the app for sustainable growth, multiple hotfixes to iron out bugs, and development shifted to GitHub for an open and community-driven dev cycle. We've still…


Publii updated with hotfix 0.28.1

It's been a few weeks since Publii's development was moved onto GitHub, and the improvements have been flowing steadily since. Many thanks to all our users who have let us know about any bugs they dug up; there's plenty of…

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