Publii v.0.36.1 maintenance release

Despite the efforts of our wonderful beta testers, the sheer size of the Publii v.0.36 release meant that there were always going to be some bugs that slipped through the net. In this v.0.36.1 maintenance release, we aim to address these newly-discovered issues. As always, you can grab the updated installer from the Publii Download page.

Since this is a maintenance release there won't be any new features for you to get your teeth into, but you can find a full list of the minor improvements and bug fixes that'll be sorted by this update below.


  • Added support for the OS colour scheme to be automatically used.
  • Added a warning regarding unsaved changes when closing Publii in the Post Editor view.
  • Improved UI for closing the sidebar in the Post Editor.
  • Removed newline characters when copy/pasting post titles.
  • Draft posts in WXR import files are now marked as Publii drafts during the import process.


  • Fixed error 422 during Netlify sync.
  • Fixed issue with AMP syntax due to the use of loading="lazy" for media assets.
  • Restored missing FTPS support.
  • Fixed errors when saving changes on duplicated websites.
  • Fixed issue with anchor links in the Simple theme's mobile menu.
  • Fixed issue with native UI colours in Dark mode.
  • Improved text selection contrast in the Markdown editor.
  • Improved post title wrapping on wider screens in the Post Editor.
  • Fixed parsing of Markdown/Block Editor content in RSS/JSON feeds.
  • Fixed app window icon in Linux.
  • Fixed issue with closing the Publii app by clicking Ctrl+Q with an AZERTY keyboard layout.
  • Fixed closure of inline menu on click in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Fixed syntax issues with CSS classes in the code block.
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from adding captions to images added via drag'n'drop in the WYSIWYG editor.

That's all for this release, but there's still a lot more additions on the horizon; come join in the development on the Publii on our GitHub repository, or drop in to the Publii community hub and let us know what you'd like to see in the future!

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