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Publii may be a fresh new app on the block that opens up fresh avenues for creating interesting, attractive static websites, but the duo behind its creation are quite the opposite, boasting a huge amount of experience across multiple web-development disciplines. It's this experience that helps them understand what both developers and end-users require from their software, and how to achieve it.

If you've been enjoying the clean design and intuitive user interface that Publii provides, then you've got Bob Mitro to thank for that. Bob is the owner of TidyCustoms, an online-based company that offers a complete range of web-design and optimization services. From simple load-speed tests or minor customizations right up to complete site mockups and implementations, TidyCustoms has helped hundreds of customers make their dream website a reality and grow their online audience. Forming one half of the core Publii team, Bob has spent years working in the web-development space beyond TidyCustoms.

In fact, Bob's been on the frontlines for more than 16 years closely following the evolution of web design; before TidyCustoms he was the project lead for GavickPro, a popular WordPress and Joomla! theme and app developer, where he created spectacular layouts and feature sets that set their products apart from the competition. This experience and commitment to improving his skillset has provided him with a keen eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of SEO that has guided the core of Publii's development to make sure that any websites you make don't just look good; they'll be modern, responsive and search-engine- friendly. It's not all work though; Bob likes spending time with his family, and in his few moments of spare time can be found playing and composing music, or just chilling out with some classic rock.

The Yin to Bob's Yang is Tomasz Dziuda, better known as Dziudek by pretty much everyone who knows him. Dziudek provides web-development services covering all aspects of website creation and management. If there's one thing Dziudek is good at it's coding, so he's responsible for taking the concepts, designs and functionalities envisioned by Bob and making them a reality. Dziudek's been playing at coding and web development since he was in high school, so it's more than just a job for him; it's a way of life.

With so many years of accummulated academic and practical knowledge, Dziudek is in high- demand as a speaker at many web-development conferences, and has built apps, software, templates and plugins for multiple CMSs and operating systems. When he's not coding, he'll be relaxing by playing a few board games, watching a few movies, or he'll be doing a different kind of creating; building things with Lego!