Publii 0.37.3 maintenance release

In this release, we've added new features and improvements recently requested by our community. The main one is that you can now deploy your site to any S3-compatible storages in just a few clicks.

We've also fixed some bugs and minor issues - see the list below for more information on the changes:


  • Added support for S3-compatible storage in deployments 
  • Added a DateTime in deployment logs to make debugging easier
  • Default robots.txt file - Publii will create this file automatically, but only if it has not already been created by the user


  • Disable sitemap generation when the "Noindex website" option in the Site Settings is enabled.
  • Updated Github notes - the master branch is now main for the new repositories


  • Fixed a problem with a password "escaping" in the server settings view
  • Fixed SFTP deployment issue when some directories to upload exists on the server

Special thanks to @Irbis  who worked on S3-compatible storage support.

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