New Publii 0.35.2 Release ready for macOS Catalina

This is very important Publii release for all macOS users. As you probably know, the upcoming macOS Catalina introduces a new notarization requirements for Mac apps created outside of the Mac App Store (more details). Through the notarization process, Apple scans software for malicious content and code-signing issues.

We decided to go through this process right away, even though you could still run non-notarized, and even unsigned applications in macOS Catalina, but this would require additional steps and the process would be a bit more complicated overall.

Publii 0.35.2 has successfully passed the notarization process, and if you are macOS user, we strongly recommend installing it.

You can get the update the usual way; just download the main package from the download section and run it; it'll take care of the rest. As to what fixes you'll find in this release, take a look below!


  • Added option to allow self-signed certificates for FTPS connections
  • Deleted website files are now moved to the trash and are not deleted
  • The search box in the site list popup is automatically cleared
  • Added proper image containers for images added by drag-n-drop

Bug fixes

  • Removed unnecessary app menu bar from Linux app
  • Fixed posts counting on tags/authors listings
  • Posts thrown into the trash are now excluded from the tags/authors posts counters
  • Fixed issue with adding active-parent CSS class for menu items
  • Fixed broken posts listing in the app, when the post has many tags
  • The "Go back" button under the app settings now works correctly when there are no websites

That's all for this release, but stay tuned; we've got more updates in the pipeline! If you want to stay on top of the latest developments, you can follow us on our Twitter page, or for up-to-the-minute info on what's being added, check out our GitHub project page.

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