Publii 0.35.1 Maintenance Release ready for download

The Publii team's still working hard on the next big update that will bring some rather impressive new features, but in the meantime we've made lots of smaller changes that we think our users will appreciate getting their hands on earlier, rather than later. So we've decided to package them all up into this minor maintenance release of Publii, officially, version 0.35.1.

The update can be downloaded straight from the Publii Download Page; just get the latest package and it will take care of the updating process. As to what changes can be expected from this bevy of minor features, fixes and improvements, check out the list below:

New Features

  • Added Sharp thumbnail generation to the Linux build, which will improve thumbnail creation and regeneration speed.
  • Added option to display post slugs on post listings.
  • Added option to save search results when creating a new post.
  • Added option to disable RSS/JSON feeds.
  • Added cancel button to the regenerating thumbnails feature.


  • Disabled upscaling while generating thumbnails.
  • AMP now disabled by default.
  • Improved slug generation for duplicated posts.
  • Improved rendering error notifications.
  • Added element for the JSON feed.
  • Publii package now only includes the Simple theme to reduce package weight; other free themes can be added via the marketplace.
  • Duplicated posts are marked as drafts during creation.
  • Improved German character support in the slug function.
  • Adjusted GitHub API parallel upload settings to decrease the risk of API Rate Limit issues.
  • JSON+LD structured data bugfixes and improvements.
  • Removed 'DeprecationWarning:buffer() is deprecated..." error.
  • Improved handling for Netlify's 'error 422'.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Improved handling of noindex on AMP pages.
  • Fixed issue with displaying the external videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc. on AMP pages
  • Fixed issue with slugs being duplicated in duplicate posts.
  • Fixed bug where setting the related posts' ordering to random caused a crash.
  • Fixed behaviour of the {{concatenate}} and {{join}} helpers.
  • Fixed random image uploader issue in the JS console when opening the post editor.
  • Fixed missing index.html in the tags URL even when the 'Always add index.html in URLs' option is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with frontpage internal links not being properly resolved.
  • Fixed issue with adding srcset and sizes attributes for external images without thumbnails.

That's all for this release, but stay tuned; we've got more updates in the pipeline! If you want to stay on top of the latest developments, you can follow us on our Twitter page, or for up-to-the-minute info on what's being added, check out our GitHub project page.

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