Publii 0.35.3 Maintenance Release ready for download

We've spent a whole lot of time working on the next big update for Publii, but it needs more time in the oven before it'll be ready for release. In the meantime, here's a small maintenance update that adds some minor new options and enhancements to tide you over until the full release becomes available.

Getting the update is easy as pie; download the latest package from the Download Page and run it; it'll take care of the updating process automatically. And if you want to know what's in the update, you'll find the full changelog below.

New Features

  • Added option to specify the default ordering of post, tag and author lists.
  • Added option to limit related posts to tags only.
  • Added option to specify the GitHub API server URL.
  • Added extended support for nofollow link attribute values.


  • Reduced the amount of media files copied during post preview generation.
  • Added a special theme CSS file that can be inserted at the beginning of the CSS code.
  • Disabled thumbnail creation for SVG images.

    Due to this change, we recommend updating your theme to the latest version.

  • Config files that are saved by Publii now have more readable formatting.
  • Improved handling of malformed files.publii.json file on the server.
  • Improved the permissions check for MacOS Catalina.
  • External images are now excluded from the sitemap.
  • Changed the URL of the 'Report an issue' button.
  • Added information about custom domains for GitHub Pages.


  • Fixed issue with exporting media files for draft and trashed posts.
  • Excluded draft posts from the renderer's cached items.
  • Fixed missing tags in the JSON feed file.
  • Fixed issue with missing post_image class.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-Q fails to close the application.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect state on the Windows maximise icon.

That's all for this release, but stay tuned; we've got more updates in the pipeline! If you want to stay on top of the latest developments, you can follow us on our Twitter page, or for up-to-the-minute info on what's being added, check out our GitHub project page.

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