Publii CMS v.0.44.x: Embracing Git Repository Sync and Elevating User Experience

We are happy to announce that just one month after the release of the previous app version, the Publii team is back with Publii CMS version 0.44.x. Embracing a new approach, we've decided to increase the frequency of our updates. While these updates may be less extensive, they will be more frequent, ensuring that our users can always access the latest features and improvements. This update focuses on enhanced synchronization through Git repositories, user interface scalability, and numerous improvements and bug fixes.

Please get the latest version now from the Publii site's Downloads section and explore the exciting new features and refinements we have in store for you!

Git Repository Sync: Revolutionizing Content Management

Following a successful alpha testing phase with positive feedback and extensive internal evaluations, we are proud to release Git repository support in Publii version 0.44.x. This significant development, now out of its testing stage, is set to revolutionize how our user community manages website data. Although this is the official release of a significant feature, we still recommend backing up all crucial files and websites as a best practice.

Git Repository Sync

Utilizing Git for website data synchronization presents a more efficient, faster, and stable alternative to the APIs of mainstream repository storage platforms. Publii's integration with Git extends its compatibility to any SaaS offering Git repository support, including GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and personal repository servers.

Here's how it works: Publii fetches the content from your Git repository before rendering your website. During the synchronization process, any modifications the user makes will override the existing data in the repository. Subsequently, a commit containing these modifications will be created and pushed to your repository, ensuring your website is always updated.

Note: We are starting the deprecation process for GitHub and GitLab support with this version. We plan to remove these platforms entirely from Publii in v.0.46, which is anticipated to launch in early 2024.

UI Scalability: Enhanced Accessibility and Comfort

Responding to the valuable feedback from our user community, Publii v0.44.x introduces a highly requested feature: the ability to scale the application's user interface. This enhancement leverages native Electron options for interface zooming, offering a tailored experience that caters to diverse screen sizes and user preferences.

Interface scale in Publii CMS

Implementing UI scalability is a significant step in making Publii more accessible and user-friendly. Whether working on a large desktop monitor or a smaller laptop screen, the scalable UI ensures an optimal and comfortable user experience, adapting seamlessly to your working environment. 

Improvements and Bug Fixes

With each update, we strive to refine Publii and enhance its performance. In version 0.44.x, we have addressed key areas to improve the overall user experience and stability. Below is a comprehensive list of improvements and bug fixes included in this release.

  • AWS SDK Upgrade: The AWS SDK has been updated to version 3, offering improved performance and security features.
  • Site Duplication Resolution: Fixed an issue with shared config data between original and duplicated sites.
  • Website Renaming: Resolved problems encountered during the renaming of websites.
  • Linux Compatibility: Addressed the glibc issue, ensuring smoother operation on Linux systems.
  • Colorpicker Control: Improved HSLA output for more accurate color selection and display.
  • Field Dependencies: Enhanced handling of complex dependencies between fields for a more intuitive user interface.

Theme Updates

All Publii themes have been updated with new variable fonts, fixes for image logo displays, and support for the upcoming Social Sharing plugin, enhancing  aesthetics and functionality. All of them are now available for download.


Publii Hotfix 0.44.1

  1. Added notes regarding URL and 2FA under Git settings.
  2. Changed label from "Password" to "Password / Token" for Git.
  3. Removed the option to show/hide password in the password fields for better password protection in the UI.
  4. Fixed issue with test connection on Git sync method.
  5. Fixed issue with displaying Git password/token.
  6. Fixed issue with missing region field for S3 using custom endpoints.
  7. Fixed issue with rendering newly created website before saving theme settings.
  8. Fixed the issue with an error message when trying to enable/disable the plugin on the newly created website.
  9. Added a potential fix for a native module for SQLite on older Linux.
  10. Upgraded and simplified build stack.

Publii Hotfix 0.44.2

  1. Implemented a default prefix of "https://" when a custom S3 endpoint lacks a specified protocol.
  2. Replaced MD5 checksums with UUIDs for sync control sums, enhancing security and uniqueness.
  3. Enhanced the UI of color pickers for better usability.
  4. Changed the default link type in the Links Popup from "post" to "custom" to improve link management.
  5. Ensured a reset of git settings with every update to server settings, maintaining consistency.
  6. Introduced syntax highlighting for the GDScript programming language in editors. To fully enable this feature on the frontend, update the Syntax Highlighting plugin to version 1.1.0
  7. Replaced the native better-sqlite3 module with node-sqlite3-wasm, addressing compatibility issues on older Linux versions lacking the glibc library.
  8. Resolved the issue with custom S3 endpoints by ensuring the inclusion of a region.
  9. Addressed the problem with S3 when using the prefix option, ensuring proper functionality.
  10. Fixed the import issue of WXR files containing empty tags, ensuring data integrity.
  11. Corrected routing errors following website renames, maintaining accurate navigation.
  12. Resolved the issue of system files not being ignored during git/manual deployments, enhancing operational efficiency.

Publii Hotfix 0.44.3

  1. Fixed overrides for sitemap.xsl.
  2. Resolved an issue with backup restoration on macOS and Linux.
  3. Temporarily disabled the direct backup restoration option from the backup list on Windows. Please use the "Install from Backup" feature located on the "Add New Website" screen instead.

Publii Hotfix 0.44.4

  1. Restored the 'Restore Backup' Feature for Windows. We're pleased to announce that this feature is now fully operational again.
  2. Database connection improvements.

Wrapping Up

The new features and enhancements in Publii version 0.44.x will significantly benefit our users. Your feedback and engagement are invaluable to us, and we warmly invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions in our community forums. To report any bugs or contribute to the ongoing development of Publii, please visit our GitHub repository. Stay tuned for more updates and advancements in the future as we continue to improve and evolve Publii for our growing user community.

And that's your lot for this release! As always, we'd like to thank our community, contributors, and supporters for the guidance, suggestions, and assistance that they have provided us on the road to version 0.44.1. Until next time, take care!

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