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Creating Your Website

The first time you run Publii the first screen you see will be the Create Your First Website page:

Create Publii Website

There's only a few steps to take care of here, but it's important that you are aware of the effect each setting will have:

  1. First, create an icon for your site. This icon will be displayed only in the Publii backend to help you distinguish this site from any others you create later; it will not have any effect on the actual live website. Click on the icon and color that you wish to use; a preview will be created on the left.
  2. Enter the website name in the Website Name field. This name will be used both on the Publii backend and also on your live site in both the logo position (if it is set to text) and for the tab title (what you see at the very top of the browser tab).
  3.  Enter your name or the name of the person who will be writing/posting to your site in the Author Name field. This name will be used on all created posts, with a separate author page available. Additional authors may be added via the Authors section of the Publii interface.

With these steps finished, click on the Create Website button; at this point you can start adding posts and tags, but it is recommended that you first choose a theme for your site, and also configure your server settings; you can find details on these steps in the Installing Theme and Server Configuration sections.

Deleting a Website

We all make mistakes sometimes, so if you've had enough and want to completely delete a website from Publii you can do so; just remember that once a website is deleted it cannot be recovered, so only do this if you are absolutely sure! To delete your site, click on the Settings option in the left-sidebar, then scroll down the settings page until you see the red Delete Website button. Click on this to open a new dialogue box:

Deleting Publii Website

As a safety precaution, in order to confirm deletion of your website you must enter the name of the website you want to delete (font-sensitive) into the field provided, then click the OK button. Don't forget that once a site is deleted it's gone forever, so double-and-triple-check before confirming deletion!


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