How to sync your server with Publii

So you've finished creating your content and you think your website is ready to be shared with the world. Now's the time to Sync your website! When the sync button, located at the bottom of the left-sidebar in Publii, is clicked, the files for your static website are generated automatically. Then, the generated static files are uploaded to your server, ready to be sent to any visitors who come to your site, providing them a complete website to view in a fraction of the time it takes a dynamic, server-side CMS-driven website to load.

Syncing your Static Website with Server

The sync button in Publii's interface.

The importance of syncing process in Publii

The sync process is the key to making your website available online; until the sync button is pressed, no files will be generated or uploaded. For this reason, it's important to ensure that before you click the sync button, you have correctly setup your server in the Publii settings. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this in our  Server Configuration section of this guide. The first sync may take some time as the entire website content must be generated and uploaded to your server; please be patient while Publii performs these tasks.

How to resync your server with Publii after making changes

After the initial sync, your website will be available online. But what if you make changes? Since Publii is an offline desktop app you can make changes even when not connected to the internet, saving them locally via the app. Once any changes are made and you're ready for them to be added to your live website, simply click the Sync Your Website button again; Publii will intelligently check the local version of your website with the server, and will only upload the changes, rather than re-uploading the whole website. As such, you should expect re-syncs to complete much faster than the first sync.

Don't forget: any changes you make in the Publii app will not be made on your live website UNTIL you click the Sync Your Website button; make sure to sync often if you're making regular changes and updates to your site!

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