Frontpage Configuration

Your site's frontpage is the first thing that users will see when they visit your site, so it's important that it is set-up correctly. As each theme available in Publii has a unique style and options it isn't really possible to cover every possible option, but we can highlight some important aspects of the frontpage and how it works that will help you get it looking the way you want.

How is the frontpage content generated?

In all the Publii themes currently available by default, the frontpage is generated using your site's posts. Previews of posts are created automatically, using elements from the post such as the featured image, the post title, or a snippet of text; which elements are used depends on the current theme, and the theme's settings.

Theme-specific features, such as layout changes, preview style modifications, header images and the like which do not rely on your post content will instead be controlled via the theme-specific settings.

Where can I modify the frontpage layout?

Again, each theme will have different settings, but generally all the options for configuring the frontpage layout, header or hero section will be found in the Custom Settings section of the Theme Settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the Theme option in the Publii sidebar menu. 

How will I know what settings to change?

The Theme → Custom Settings section will always include all of the options that are specific to that theme, including elements such as share buttons, frontpage layout, fonts, colors and the like. Theme settings that are not irregular or not immediately understandable will have their own tooltip available to explain the functionality and/or benefit of the feature.

Where can I modify the post previews?

For general changes that can apply across all themes, such as setting the number of posts to be previewed on the frontpage, the length of the excerpt from the text that's displayed in the preview etc...changes may be made in the Themes → Basic Settings section. For custom layouts, such as setting the number of columns, or enabling/disabling of preview elements (i.e. displaying an author name in the preview, but not the date etc...), check the settings in the Themes → Custom Settings section. 

For more information on the kind of settings that may be found in the Custom Settings section, visit the Options and Features → Theme Settings section of this guide.

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