Updating Publii

The Publii team is constantly working on implementing new features, improving the existing ones, and fixing any bugs that are found, so there are regular updates released to help improve the Publii user-experience. In this section we'll cover how to update your app, as well as your bundled themes.

Update Notifications

When a new update is released, a notification will be sent automatically to your local installation to let you know that the update is available and provide a link to further information. Alternatively, you may also sign-up to the Publii Newsletter via the pop-up on the right of the screen to receive email notifications whenever a new release is ready for download.

Updating your App

Updating the Publii app is extremely easy, since the app installer itself can see whether it is a new installation or an update to an existing install. To update Publii, you only need to do two steps:

  1. Go the Download Page and download the latest version of Publii.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, double-click and run it; Publii will automatically start the installation process. When the process finishes, your app is updated and Publii will automatically start!

Updating your Theme

Often, new releases of Publii will also include updates to the bundled themes. However, the theme updates are not applied by default when you update Publii; instead, there's an additional step required to ensure you receive the latest version of the theme.

For a full step-by-step guide to theme updating, and a breakdown of how it works, visit the Installing and Updating Publii Themes article.