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In Publii the name you enter as the owner of the website will be saved as an author, and more authors can be added as needed. Every new post on your site must be attributed to an author, and each post's page may include an author section that provides some basic information on the writer. Users can also visit an Author Page that is generated by Publii, where they can read the bio and see a list of posts by the selected author.

Though you are required to enter an author name when creating a website, you may add, remove, or modify your authors at any time. To do so, click on the Authors option in the left-sidebar. You'll be taken the Authors page.

Creating a new author

To create a new author, in the Authors screen, click on the green Add new author button. A new author tab will appear with the following basic options available:

  • Author Name - Sets the name of the author.
  • Slug - Sets the URL-friendly name of the author page; for example, an author called John Smith may use john_smith, without capital letters, unsupported symbols or spaces. The slug is used to create URLs and links to the author page. If no slug is defined, it will be created automatically from the author's name. 
  • Author Description - Tell your readers a little bit about the author; the description will be added to the author info section of posts so people know who's writing for them!
  • Author Email - Adding an author email allows visitors to send messages to the author via the author page.
  • Author Avatar - Here you can upload a picture of the author; it'll appear with the author information on posts and on the author page. Just drag and drop the photo onto the box, or click on the Choose File button to browse your computer for a photo.
  • Use Gravatar - If you've got a Gravatar attached to the author email then you can click this option to automatically add the Gravatar as the author picture.
  • Author Page Title - Sets the meta title for the author's page, which can be useful for SEO.
  • Author Meta Description - Sets the meta description for the author page; again, a useful tool for SEO.
  • Custom Template - If the currently-used theme includes several author page templates to change the style or layout, you will find them in this section. Select the desired template from the drop-down list.

Once this basic information is entered you can click the Add New Author button to save your new author.

Deleting an author

As with posts and tags, to delete an author simply click on the checkbox next to the author(s) you wish to delete. A Delete button will appear at the top of the author list; click this, then click OK on the confirmation popup to confirm deletion. Note that it is not possible to delete the main author (the author created when first setting up the website).

Deleting authors

Modifying an author

To change the name, description, or any other aspect of the author's options, simply click on the author you wish to modify on the Authors screen; the options for the selected author will appear in the right sidebar and you can make your changes. Don't forget to click Save Changes once you're done!


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