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Aid Publii's development on the Open Collective

Publii has been going from strength to strength, with a complete code rewrite that primed the app for sustainable growth, multiple hotfixes to iron out bugs, and development shifted to GitHub for an open and community-driven dev cycle. We've still got a lot more planned for the future; we had some great features in mind when Publii first started development and our community have been awesome at giving us plenty of new ideas that we would never have thought of alone.

Despite the plans for the future, there's one thing that must remain the same; Publii must always be open-source, and free to download, use and modify. Our team contribute any spare time they have to pushing Publii a few steps forward, but life gets in the way; with work and family commitments, we are not able to put as much time into development as we'd like.

For this reason, the Publii team have joined the Open Collective, a website that allows users to contribute to the development of open-source software. With your support, we can spend more time focusing on expanding Publii's features, bringing you new and exciting features at a rapid and regular rate.


On the Open Collective, contributors can choose to commit to a monthly donation that can be as high or as low as you wish, starting from just $1. For users that want to commit more, we have a special $100+ a month sponsor tier that will include your company logo and a URL to your site right on the Publii website's frontpage. Alternatively, if a monthly contribution is too much of a commitment, then users may also make one-time donations to show their support. Any donations received will be used to fund Publii's development, providing us with time, resources and tools to grow Publii's feature-set faster and more effectively.

Remember; Publii is free and open-source, and it will continue to be this way regardless of whether you donate or not, so please do not feel obligated to contribute to the project; we want every user to enjoy our app regardless of their financial circumstances. However, if you have the cash to spare and would like to help Publii's continued growth, we would be very grateful for any support you can provide!

Interested in contributing? You can jump straight to our Open Collective page by clicking the button below:

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