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Post tags

Post item represent posts written in Publii:

  • {{id}} - post ID
  • {{title}} - post title
  • {{featuredImage}} - featured image item
  • {{tags}} - array of tag items
  • {{author}} - post author item
  • {{slug}} - post slug used in URL
  • {{url}} - post page URL
  • {{text}} - post full text
  • {{excerpt}} - post excerpt text
  • {{createdAt}} - post creation date
  • {{modifiedAt}} - post modification date
  • {{status}} - post status (hidden, draft, featured)
  • {{template}} - template name used in the post
  • {{isFeatured}} - true if post is featured
  • {{isHidden}} - true if post is hidden
  • {{hasGallery}} - true if post contains a gallery
  • {{hasCustomExcerpt}} - true if post contains a custom excerpt conten
  • {{mainTag}} - tag item selected as a main tag of a specific post. If there is no main tag, then this field returns the first tag (using alphabetical order). This item will be empty only if the post has no tags
  • {{postViewConfig}} - object with additional post view-related configuration (if available in the theme


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