{{#notContains}} helper

The {{#notContains}} helper is a custom Handlebars helper designed to determine if a given value does not exist within a comma-separated string. This can be particularly useful for rendering parts of your template conditionally based on the absence of specific values.


{{#notContains valueToSearch valueToCheck}}
   // Content to render if the valueToCheck does NOT exist inside the 
  • valueToSearch: The comma-separated string you want to check against.
  • valueToCheck: The value you are looking to find the absence of in the valueToSearch string.


{{#notContains 'abc,def' 'xyz'}}
   'abc,def' does not contain 'xyz'

{{#notContains "1,2,3" id}}
   // Content to render if the 'id' is NOT found within "1,2,3"
  • The first example verifies that 'xyz' is not present in 'abc,def'. Since 'xyz' is indeed absent, the content within the {{#notContains}} block is rendered, confirming that 'abc,def' does not contain 'xyz'.

  • In the second example, the goal is to check for the absence of a specific id within "1,2,3". For clarity and accuracy in our documentation, let's correct the explanation to align with the example provided: Suppose id has a value that is not listed in "1,2,3". For instance, if id is set to '4', then since '4' is not found within "1,2,3", the content within the {{#notContains}} block will be rendered.

Examples output:

'abc,def' does not contain 'xyz'

Assuming id is '4', the corrected output for the second example should explicitly state that '1,2,3' does not contain '4', aligning with our provided examples:
If id = 4, then the output would be: '1,2,3' does not contain '4'

The {{#notContains}} helper is versatile and supports checking for the absence of both strings and numbers within a comma-separated string. It provides a straightforward way to conditionally render content based on whether specific values are not present, enhancing the dynamic capabilities of your Handlebars templates.

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