Theme supported features

Since Publii v.0.37.0 it is possible to define which features are supported by your themes.

It requires a new section in the theme.config.json file - supportedFeatures, below you can see all possible options:

"supportedFeatures": {
  "authorImages": true,
  "blockEditor": true,
  "errorPage": true,
  "searchPage": true,
  "tagImages": true,
  "tagsList": true

These options are used to inform a user about features which can be used (or not) in the used theme.

authorImages - theme supports cover images for the authors

blockEditor - theme has support for the blocks used in the block editor

errorPage - theme has support for the error page

searchPage - theme has support for the search page

tagImages - theme has support for the featured images of tags

tagsList - theme has support for the tags.hbs file

Please do not confuse these options with renderer settings in the theme. Renderer options can be used to disable some features of the theme, but supported features suggests what can be used at all. For example - if theme has tagsList support, you can still disable generating this page under renderer settings in the theme.config.json.