Homepage tags

Below you shall find a list of all the handlebars tags available in the index.hbs file.

Template-specific tags

Common tags

  • {{title}} - page title
  • {{metaTitleRaw}} - meta title in raw form
  • {{metaDescriptionRaw}} - meta description in raw form
  • {{metaRobotsRaw}} - meta robots value in raw form
  • {{#featuredPosts}} - array of the featured post items
  • {{hiddenPosts}} - array of the hidden post items
  • {{#tags}} - array of all tag items available on the website
  • {{#siteOwner}} - informations about main author as author item
  • {{#authors}} - array of all author items on the website (if display of authors w/o posts is enabled it will contain also authors without posts)
  • {{menus}} - array of assigned menus (key is a menu position name)
  • {{unassignedMenus}} - array of unassigned menus (key is a slug of menu name }}

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