The Three-Dot Menu

While settings for your current website are accessed via the menu in the left-sidebar, there are several general Publii app options that can be accessed via the Three-Dot Menu, which is located at the very top-right of the app window. Clicking on the three-dot icon will open a new menu with the following options:

Publii App settings menu
  • App Settings - Clicking on this item will take you to the App Settings screen, where you can modify general elements of Publii such as storage locations, default behaviour, and load-on-start options.
  • Themes - Displays the themes currently available in your Publii installation, and allows you to remove them by clicking on the Trashcan icon. You will also see a link to Get more themes, which will take you to the Theme Marketplace where you can purchase premium themes for Publii or download additional free themes.
  • Switch to Dark Mode - Clicking on this option changes the interface and UI of Publii to use dark colours with white or grey text, rather than dark coloured text on a white background. This layout is easier on the eyes, especially when working in low-light conditions or on a bright screen. This option changes to Switch to Light Mode when enabled, so that you can switch back to the standard colour scheme.
  • Help - Clicking this option will open a browser window to this very document, where you can find info on all the features of Publii!
  • Report an Issue - If you've encountered a bug, or need some assistance with using Publii that is not covered in the documentation, click this option to open your browser to the Publii Forums, where you can report issues and get help with building your site.
  • GitHub Repository - Opens a browser window to the Publii's GitHub Repository, where users can request features, contribute to development or just check in to see what features are being worked on.
  • Donate - Happy with Publii's features, and want to contribute to its ongoing development (or just buy the dev team a coffee)? Click this option to be taken to the Publii Donate page, where you can find multiple ways to support this project.
  • About Publii - Click this option if you want to know some basic details about what powers Publii, and get information on licensing.