How to speed up rendering process?

In Publii 0.18.2 we have rebuilt the rendering engine. It is at least a few times faster than the old version. But if you need to achieve optimal rendering time, please consider below bits of advice about things which can affect your rendering process:

Disable related posts features

If your theme does not use related posts, similar posts, next/previous posts, please disable them under renderer section of your theme.

Disable creating of content structure

The @website.contentStructure global variable is very useful in some cases, but also it takes some time to generate these data. If you are not using it - disable it under renderer section of your theme.

Disable AMP version

Rendering of AMP version for your website needs parsing of similar data like during rendering of the normal version of your website.

It usually adds up to few seconds to the rendering time.

Disable rendering of the tag and author pages

Since Publii v.0.37 you are able to disable rendering of the tag and author pages. On some websites these pages are unnecessary or creates thin content from the SEO point of view. Now it is possible to disable them using renderer options - createTagPages and createAuthorPages. If you disable these pages - please make sure that your currently used theme is not creating links to these pages (e.g. in the single post view or on the post listings) otherwise it can lead to creation of many links with 404 errors.

Check out what causes rendering process delay

Under Tools -> Log viewer you can find rendering-process.log file - it contains very precise information which part of the rendering process takes most of the time. If you have any problem with the rendering time of your website - feel free to ask us :)