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How to configure rendering process of your website?

Every theme for Publii contains in their config.json file special section which is responsible for the rendering process.

In this section, you can specify which features are used, how many featured posts can be rendered, etc.

Below we show all available options for the rendering section with their default values (you can override in your theme config.json only fields which should be changed):

"renderer": {
        "relatedPostsNumber": 5,
        "renderRelatedPosts": true,
        "renderSimilarPosts": true,
        "renderPrevNextPosts": true,
        "createContentStructure": true,
        "includeFeaturedInPosts": true,
        "tagsIncludeFeaturedInPosts": true,
        "authorsIncludeFeaturedInPosts": true,
        "featuredPostsNumber": 0,
        "tagsFeaturedPostsNumber": 0,
        "authorsFeaturedPostsNumber": 0,
        "create404page": false,
  "nameFor404page": "404.html", "createSearchPage": false,
"nameForSearchPage": "search.html", "customHTML": {
"beforePost": "Before every post",
"afterPost": "After every post"
} },
relatedPostsNumbernumber of related posts which is displayed in the post page view
renderRelatedPostsyou can totally disable rendering of disabled posts if they are not used in your theme (it will speed up the rendering process)
if you are not using similar posts or prev/next posts in your post view, disable it to speed up the rendering process
createContentStructureenable it only if you are using in your theme @website.contentStructure global variable - disabling it will speed up the rendering process
includeFeaturedInPostsif you want to hide featured posts on the homepage posts listing - disable this option (it is especially useful if you want to avoid duplicated posts on listing and featured posts section)
they work like includeFeaturedInPosts but for tag and author pages
featuredPostsNumber number of posts which are used to generate list of featured posts (-1 value displays all featured posts)
they work like featuredPostsNumber but for tag and author pages (-1 value displays all featured posts)
create404pageenables rendering of 404.hbs template (output filename can be changed under URLs settings)
nameFor404page set the custom name of a 404page 
createSearchPage enables rendering of search.hbs template (output filename can be changed under URLs settings)
nameForSearchPage set the custom name of a search page 
customHTML allows you to define custom HTML areas in your theme 


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