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Creating a website doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With Publii, the most intuitive static site CMS, you can create a beautiful, safe, and privacy-friendly website quickly and easily; perfect for anyone who wants a fast, secure website in a flash.

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Win 64-bit 10+ | macOS 11+ | Linux 64-bit Updated on March 12, 2024

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Publii Static HTML CMS for Windows, Mac and Linux

... my tech lead on Publii: “it’s all so intuitive… something must be wrong ...

... really impressed and loving the UI and ease of integration with Github ...

... I've been interested in static sites for a while now. Publii just caught my eye. The interface is 🔥. Even non-devs can rock this! ...

... a very friendly and optimized solution for creating ultra-fast websites. Best alternative to your slow loaded website ...

... I keep hearing people want their own blogs back. Publii is imo the easiest solution ...

... Publii is amazing 💯 I just created my first blog with it! ...

... I switched from WordPress to it and I love it ...

... Publii is by far the best way to manage static websites. Best CMS i have seen in a long time! ...

... Needed to rustle up a simple website so gave Publii a go. It’s a static site CMS and really quite good. ...

... The Jamstack should be easy to get started with, no matter your technical level. And the Publii CMS helps you do exactly that ...

... I just found Publii, it is all I've been looking for: #opensource CSM that uses GitHub pages with a graphic interface ...

... I’m still a big fan of Publii; It’s a visual editor that lets non-technical people use static site generation ...

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One CMS, countless possibilities. A powerful free blogging tool to share your content.

The goal of Publii is to make website creation simple and accessible for everyone, regardless of skill level. With an intuitive user interface and built-in privacy tools, Publii combines powerful and flexible options that make it the perfect platform for anyone who wants a hassle-free way to build and manage a blog, portfolio or documentation website.

Content Creation

For robust publishing, Publii provides all the writing tools you need. Focus on content.

Whatever you’re writing, Publii is ready to make the process smooth and comfortable. Take full control of your website with expansive built-in features to make your story exciting and accessible.

  • Three post editors,
  • Image galleries,
  • Video,
  • Code highlighter,
  • Live writing stats panel and more…
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Publii Content Tools

Performance & SEO

Get an ultra-fast website that's near-impenetrable to hackers. Designed for speed.

SEO doesn't have to be a challenge; Publii is packed with features to make it easy to boost your Core Web Vitals, Lighthouse scores, and website conversions. The app works locally so you don’t have to worry about installing security updates or managing databases.

  • HTML, CSS compression
  • Lazy-loaded responsive images
  • Automatic conversion to WebP format
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Open Graph Support
  • Sitemap and more…
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Publii Content Tools

Privacy Tools

The privacy of your website’s visitors should be a top priority. Be CCPA & GDPR-friendly.

Welcome to a privacy-first world. Publii comes fully-equipped with the tools you need to protect your website visitors’ privacy. With the advanced cookie banner, you can let your visitors choose what information they want to share with you at the click of a button, manage your embedded content consent, and add 'no tracking' settings for videos.

  • Advanced Cookie Banner
  • Google Consent Mode v2
  • Embed content consent
  • Do Not Track mode for videos
  • Scripts consent
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Publii Content Tools

Deploy where you want with just one-click synchronisation.

With support for modern hosting options like GitHub Pages, GitLab or Netlify, Publii will make keeping your site updated easy. Just enter your details once, and sync your changes at the click of a button.

Use Cases

Why the PublishDrive Team likes Publii?

Publii offers a very user friendly interface for non-devs and makes publishing content very easy, but at the same time offers all the necessary tools for devs to create everything a marketing team needs to further develop the website.

We love the fact that you can create content blocks that can be used over and over again. Also from an SEO point of view Publii offers all you need to stay competitive.

Sergiu Iacob - Head of Marketing PublishDrive

PublishDrive Use Cases


Beautifully-designed and hand-coded themes.

Say 'No!' to cookie-cutter, derivative, and low-quality websites with bloated code and generic features. Use our professional, predefined templates as a base and build a website that stands out from the crowd.

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Easy to customize

Colors, layouts, and more; develop your site aesthetics with extensive settings that let you add your personal touch to your site.

Perfect typography

Fluid, well-designed typography with hand-selected variable fonts to pick from means you never need to settle for second best.


No CSS frameworks, vanilla Javascript only, and semantic HTML5 work together to provide a lightweight and blazingly-fast website.


Expand your site with your favorite tools and apps.

From analytics to searches, comments to image decoding, Publii includes plugins to connect your site with great features from a range of providers.

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Developer documentation

Publii is completely Open Source, GPL-3 licensed and built with awesome Open-Source technology such as Electron or Vue.js. Publii themes use the Handlebars templating language, making them easy to build, faster, and more flexible than their alternatives.

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Custom work

Hire an expert

Take your site to the next level with our professional web development services. If you've got a vision in mind for your Publii site, our dedicated team will take the lead, producing a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind static website that will be the envy of the competition.

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Open-Source Community. Be a part of Publii family.

Publii is part of the open community; committed to being open-source and free to use. Become a backer or sponsor to help fund our app and community’s growth.

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