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Find out what's on Publii's roadmap for 2019

With the new year celebrations slowly disappearing into the distance, we think that now's a good time to lay out our plans for Publii over the coming year.

Our team are very happy with the core functionality of the app, but we've had some great suggestions from our community on new features that we'd love to implement. We can't get to them all, but options such as support for multiple users to edit a site are definitely on the list. We've also got plans to continue rewriting the core app code so we can get Publii running faster, and give users more control over the base elements that get added to their site.

But enough preamble; what are our plans for 2019? Have a look below, where they have been conveniently laid out in list form for your perusal. Make sure to take this roadmap with a grain of salt though; we never know if things are going to go horribly wrong and require a lot of work to get back on track, so unfortunately nothing can be set in stone!

New features for the first quarter of 2019

This first list is for features we're aiming to implement in the early part of the year, hopefully in the first quarter:

New features for the summer 2019

Features for later in 2019

The features listed here are planned for 2019, but we can't give any exact dates just yet; look for these options to become available as the year rolls on:

  • Initial plugin support (This will be the first phase, and will give us a nice foundation to expand the plugin system from).
  • Separate implemented deployment methods as individual plugins to reduce the app install size and make updates to the system faster.
  • Separate other, non-essential features such as WP Import as plugins.
  • Separate the core themes from the app, to allow for more flexibility in which files are stored locally.
  • A Theme Manager with search and direct access to the Theme Marketplace for easier theme browsing.
  • Support for IPFS as a deployment method for Publii websites.
  • Update existing GitHub, Netlify and AWS deployment methods to make them smoother and more reliable.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Second phase of plugin support (naturally this will be closer to end-of-year!)

And that's it for our roadmap. Note that this isn't an exhaustive list, only the most notable. Since development is fluid we'll be keeping an eye on things and doing our best to add in other improvements and bugfixes as we go, or implementing additional features if the cycle runs smoother than expected.

As a final note, thank you to all our users who have tried, tested and continue to use our app; your support and feedback have been invaluable to us, and we hope you'll continue to help guide Publii's direction through the coming year! Don't forget, you're always welcome on the Publii GitHub if you fee you can contribute, or drop us a line via our Community Hub on Ticksy if you want to report bugs, give feedback, or just have some suggestions for future features.