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Publii v.0.29.1 adds GitLab Pages support, other fixes

The latest version of Publii, version 0.29.1, has been released and can be downloaded from the download page for any users looking to upgrade. As with all Publii releases there's plenty of improvements and fixes, but the big addition this time around is support for GitLab Pages.

With GitHub's recent acquisition by Microsoft, many GitHub users have been migrating over to alternative git services, with GitLab being a popular choice. We wanted to make sure that such users would be easily be able to transfer their Publii site over to GitLab Pages, which is their equivalent of GitHub Pages where users can create static websites for their project. Getting set-up with GitLab Pages is easy as pie, and you can find a full step-by-step guide on how to do so in this article on the Publii documentation.

There's lots of other additions in this release too, and you can find more details of what's new below. Otherwise, if you'd rather just update immediately, head on over to the Publii frontpage and download and run the latest package; it'll take care of the update process for you.

New Features

Top of the list is GitLab pages support, but there's a couple of other new features that will be useful for developers or users that want a bit more fine-control over some of their site features:

  • GitLab Pages now supported as an upload option for Publii sites.
  • Added option to set canonical URLs for posts.
  • Character counters for meta title and metal description fields added to help you keep them within recommended limits.
  • Added option to use the page title as a source for og:title and twitter:title metatags.
  • Custom RSS/JSON feed title option added.


More GDPR control and a better look are just a couple of the improvements added in this release:

  • Users can now remove the "Required" cookie group from the GDPR pop-up if not needed.
  • When using Amazon S3 as the upload option, the publii.files.json file is stored with an ACL equal to authenticated-read.
  • Added better rendering process crash detection.
  • Electron updated to v.2.0.5.
  • Posts' "Published" date will update when the post changes its state from "draft" to "published.
  • Added "English" (International) to the available languages list.
  • Added missing theme detection to the Sync popup.
  • Added the following missing Open Graph tags: og:url, og:type and fb:app_id.
  • Improved GDPR cookie popup layout.
  • Improved inline editor toolbar layout in the post editor.
  • Improved RSS channel validation.

Bug fixes

We've taken the fly swatter to the following bugs in this release:

  • Fixed issue with Publii not loading websites which contain upper-case letters in their folder name.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect URL replacements were used for internal links.
  • The inline editor now hides when the user clicks outside the post content in the WYSIWYG editor's area.
  • Fixed issue with pagination styling in themes.

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