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Questions about {{#each}} with posts & featuredPosts

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    Hi! I’m creating an header that show only the 3 latest featured posts but I have some problem.

    That’s the template:

    The big image is the latest featured post and the other two are the 2° and the 3° latest featured posts. How can I recreate that with {{#each featuredPosts}} ?

    As you can see the big and the small sections have different css, but how can I tell to Publii to show the latest as big and the other two as small?




    You can do this by checking the order of the posts and applying the correct image size:

    {{#if featuredPosts}}
        <ol class="container">
            {{#each featuredPosts}}
                        {{#if url}}
                                {{#checkIf @index '==' 0}}
                                   {{responsiveImageAttributes 'featuredImage' srcset.listing sizes.listing}}
                                {{ lazyload "lazy" }}

    More about the image settings:

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    Thank you Bob! I’m trying to create an internal search bar without google custom search. I did it creating a js function that filter an {{#each posts}} list but I have a problem. The {{#each posts}} work perfectly in the homepage but it wont work in other pages. There is a way to create a list of each post in a different page ( such as a blog post ) ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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