Publii hotfix 0.27.2 released with extra SEO and GDPR options

The latest release in our run towards the full release of Publii is now available for download, and includes some small but helpful additions to your site's SEO options, along with a bunch of new improvements and fixes to keep the app running silky-smooth.

For developers, you'll also find a couple of new helpers that allow for fine-tuning of your theme behaviour, and the GDPR popup now includes an external link option for privacy policies; useful if you're running multiple sites in a network. As with all our releases, you can get updated by downloading the latest package from the Publii frontpage and it will take care of the update process.

Full details of what's been added in this release can be found below, so if you're curious, read on!

New features

  • A default meta description option has been added for post/author/tag pages in the SEO settings' section.
  • Custom excerpt content on post pages can now be prevented from being shown via an option in the SEO settings.
  • Added option to link external pages as the privacy policy link in the GDPR popup in the GDPR settings.
  • The option for defining the number of featured posts now supports '-1' as a value, which allows for an infinite number of posts to be set as 'featured'.
  • A new global variable, @website.baseUrl, has been added which points to the website domain name excluding /index.html at the end in specific situations.
  • Added a new {{ menuItemClassesRaw }} helper which works similiarly to {{ menuItemClasses }} but does not generate the class attribute around returned CSS classes.


  • Custom excerpts are now output without any HTML code modifications.
  • Authors now sorted alphabetically in the list of authors on the post editor page.
  • Improved regexps for <publii-amp> and <publii-non-amp> tags.
  • Added information to the AMP fallback image option noting that it cannot be larger than 60x600px.
  • CDATA sections in the <script> tags are now removed in post content.
  • Added full removal of <script> tags in post excerpts.
  • Improved output of the JSON-LD fallback images in the AMP site.
  • Moved option to prevent rendering of empty tag pages to the tag page section under SEO settings.
  • lang attribute now uses the full language code (with country code).
  • Improved configuration of the WYSIWYG controls used in the theme settings.
  • Updated Electron to v.2.0.2.


  • Fixed issue with improperly-retrieved custom meta titles and meta descriptions for author pages.
  • Fixed issue with improperly-cleared global context, which can lead to errors with home/author/tag page pagination in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with a newly-created website not being set as the last-visited website in the app, which could lead to the 'Add a website' form being displayed for existing sites.
  • Fixed Open Graph tags for author and tag pages.
  • Fixed issue with the tag slug instead of the tag name being displayed in the post editor and post listings.
  • Fixed issue with generating a slug from the first author's name when creating a new website.
  • Fixed issue with an incorrect lang attribute value in the AMP version of the site.
  • Fixed visual bugs with the 'Read more' UI element in the post editor.

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