Publii updated with hotfix 0.28.1

It's been a few weeks since Publii's development was moved onto GitHub, and the improvements have been flowing steadily since. Many thanks to all our users who have let us know about any bugs they dug up; there's plenty of fixes included in this release such as a fix to allow the use of FontAwesome in the post editor.

We've also had some great feedback on making links more flexible in Publii, so you'll find a few changes in this release to prevent unnecessary restrictions in the types of links you can add. If you're interested in finding out what's new in this release, you can find the full breakdown below:

New Features

  • New website switcher layout
  • Added 'link target' option for menu items (theme update required for changes to take effect).
  • Added 'real atribute' option for menu items (theme update required for changes to take effect).
  • Post editor now automatically switches to the code editor when a script element is clicked.
  • Added tooltips with ID to tags/authors listings.
  • Added field to specify the destination editor for customElements
  • Added new hasCustomExcerpt field to the post item; now it will be easier for developers to detect custom excerpt usage in a post.


  • Removed automatic addition of the 'http' prefix in external menu items in order to allow any type of link to be used.
  • Improved WYSIWYG editor layout in the theme settings.
  • Improved tag selector layout in the post editor.
  • Added notes with the keyboard shortcuts for find and find and replace functions in the code editor.
  • Added link to the GitHub repository in the app menu.
  • Fixed issue with the use of FontAwesome in the post editor.
  • Utilized a more effective method to sort site names alphabetically.


  • RSS feeds now use display name instead of name as the RSS channel title.
  • Fixed issue with creation of media/files directory that arose in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed edge-case crash of the regenerate thumbnails process.
  • Disabled URL generation for responsive images when external images are used in posts.
  • Added support for the custom pagination phrase on author pages.
  • Fixed canonical links where custom pagination phrase is used.
  • Fixed support for %tagname, %sitename and %authorname placeholders in meta title and descriptions for tag and author pages.
  • Fixed app crash when selecting the first (empty) item in the log viewer.
  • Fixed issue with ignored assets list.
  • Fixed the external image handling issue (available in v.0.27.4 only)

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