Publii hotfix 0.26.4 released, fixes app instability

Fourth time's a charm! We're in week four of our hotfix updates for Publii, and Publii version 0.26.4 is ready for download. The most important inclusion this time around is a fix for a random app crash that some of our users have been experiencing when saving settings; if you've run into this issue make sure to grab the update as soon as possible and you can get back to working on your site, crash-free.

You can download the update package on the Publii frontpage; just run the installer and it will check for your current version and update as necessary. As well as the crash fix, there's also a few little feature additions plus some minor improvements and bugfixes; you can find out more about what's included in this release below:

New features

Being a hotfix release with a big focus on putting a stop to random crashes, there aren't masses of new features to talk about this time around. However, there are a couple of extras that some of our users may find helpful:

  • The GDPR cookie popup has had an extra behaviour option added; Badge + link, so if you want to combine the power of the popup badge and the link like some kind of privacy-policy Voltron, you can do so.
  • Added an option to enable wider scrollbars; you can find this option in the general app settings.
  • Implemented an additional verification of the site folder's name and site name in the site.config.json file.


Just a couple of tweaks that improve the user experience to report this week:

  • Electron has been updated to version 2.0.1.
  • Authors displayed in dropdown lists are now sorted alphabetically, making it easier to find who you're looking for.


What's an update without a few bugfixes? Here's what we've taken care of in this release:

  • Fixed random app crashes when saving settings.
  • Enabled use of multiple SEO meta-title placeholders like %sitename.
  • Fixed issue with the display of long names in dropdown lists in the UI.

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