Publii hotfix 0.26.2 brings bugfixes, adds custom HTML and CSS searches

The Publii dev team went into hiding for a bit while we were working on getting Publii revamped, but with the biggest changes implemented we're now pushing forward towards pulling Publii kicking and screaming out of beta and into the first full release.

The main thing we need to do before the initial stable release of Publii is to get the app as stable as possible. For this reason, we're aiming (situation permitting!) to release a new hotfix each Friday that will take care of any bugs or other issues that we or our users have discovered, as well as add other general improvements.

The next hotfix release in this process, version 0.26.2, is now ready to download, as always, from the Publii homepage. For those users that want to know what they'll be getting in this hotfix, you'll find the full list of improvements and fixes below:

Search option added to custom CSS and HTML editors

Code isn't very fun to hunt through when you've made a lot of edits and need to find something specific, so we've added a search to the custom CSS and HTML editors to make it easier to find that elusive section that you need to change.

Find and replace code

Windows users - use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. CTRL + F  (find option )
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + F  (find and replace option)

MacOs users - use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. command + F  (find option) 
  2. command + option + F  (find and replace option)

Remove specific HTML files from sitemap

If you've got some HTML files in the root of the File Manager, you might not want them to be included in the sitemap that Publii automatically generates. This new option will allow you to specify files that should not be included in the generated sitemap, giving more fine control over how Publii treats your HTML files.

Sitemap exluded files

New @amp.originalWebsiteUrl variable

For those users who like building or modifying their own Publii themes, we've added a new variable, @amp.originalWebsiteUrl, that contains the URL to the normal version of the website when it is in AMP mode.

General improvements

There's a few bonus little additions in this hotfix release that will help make the general Publii experience better:

  • Added support for HTTPS with Github Pages when using a custom domain.
  • Updated Electron to v.2.0.
  • Post search state is now saved when the post editor is opened for easier management and editing of the filtered posts.
  • Event listeners in components are now cleaned up during the destruction process to prevent potential side-effects.
  • Search bar will now be focused when the search icon is clicked.

Banning the bugs

The meat of this hotfix is getting more bugs out of the system, so you'll find the following fixes in the latest version of Publii:

  • Fixed occasional deployment issue caused by malformed files-remote.json file.
  • Fixed social sharing on pages with special characters in the website name (the theme will need to be updated as well as the main Publii app to apply this fix).
  • Fixed issue with saving the value of a menu item link when 'External Link' is selected as the menu item type.
  • Fixed issue with file storage on OneDrive when the 'Files on Demand' feature is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with removing files in File Manager.
  • Fixed issue with selecting files in File Manager.
  • Fixed incorrect message being displayed when saving changes to an existing tag.
  • Fixed issue with storage of Page Title, Meta Description and Custom template fields for tags.
  • Fixed issue with sitemap preview.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect (AMP-based) URLs being used in sitemap.
  • Fixed missing site name in site switcher during app navigation.
  • Added clear post filter state when switching websites.

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