Want to give something back? Consider donating to the Publii team.

Publii is free and open-source, meaning that anybody can download, use, and modify it for their needs. Whether you want to use the included themes and features only, or create your own themes and build something completely unique, we've made sure that you'll not run into any restrictions or unnecessary roadblocks. Whatever you want to do with Publii, you can.

Our intention is to keep it this way; Publii is meant to be accessible for users of all ability levels, and we don't want to gate access to the app with any kind of payment requirement. This way, users that are just starting out with their websites will be able to take advantage of Publii's features without worrying about needing to buy-in just to try it out; it will always be free to download and use.

However, building Publii and providing support to its users requires a lot of work, and our team spend a huge amount of hours each month fixing bugs, adding features, and supporting Publii users via our social media and helpdesk. Though we're committed to keeping Publii free, anything our users can do to help is appreciated.

If you like the Publii app and want to contribute to its further development or give a little back to the team for support that they've provided, then feel free to donate to us via the button below; we'll use anything you give to keep us energized and focused on getting even more added to Publii.

There's no obligation to donate and no minimum donation amount; you're welcome to give as much or as little as you wish; even being able to grab a beer every now and then is reward enough! Just remember that Publii will always be free to use, and we'll keep on working to make it better.

Thanks for your time, and look forward to more great additions to Publii in the future!