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Promote Your Plugin with Publii

The big new thing in Publii with the latest release was the introduction of Plugins, which add some rather nice little functionalities to the app. We've already added new plugins covering a broad range of topics, including commenting, analytics, and more minor functions such as meta colours and image decoding.

But Publii's strength is its community, so we'd like to expand the available plugins by allowing external submissions for plugins that will be advertised in the Publii Plugin Marketplace. Here's how we envision it working:

  1. The plugin author creates a page where the plugin can be downloaded; this can be their own site, or just a GitHub repo.
  2. They submit their plugin to the Publii team; the submission should include a screenshot(s) and a short but concise description/feature list, much like the articles we already have for the existing plugins.
  3. Our core team will review the plugin to ensure it meets our quality standards; we want to maintain a high level of presentation and functionality that benefits our users, and provides adequate detail for our less-technically-minded users. Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide in-depth design feedback on every submission; if rejected, we'll provide a broad reason why, but we won't be able to get into details as this wouldn't be maintainable if the number of submissions grows.
  4. After review, if accepted, a description page will be added to the plugin marketplace. This page will not offer a direct download link; instead, it will provide a button to take users to the author's plugin download page. This method allows users to always get the latest version of the plugin available without the need to constantly update the plugin page/download link on the plugin marketplace, which could quickly become overwhelming.
  5. The plugin author will be responsible for any troubleshooting/support of their plugin, so if users run into an issue with a specific plugin they will be directed to contact the plugin author.

So, to summarize; to submit a plugin to Publii, you will need to provide the plugin itself, a link where users can download the plugin (such as a GitHub Repo or your own site), and a short description/feature list with screenshots for the description page on the marketplace.

In this way, we hope to greatly expand the functionalities available in Publii, while also maintaining a standard of quality so that Publii remains an inviting, welcoming solution for all users, especially those with less experience of web development.

We're so grateful for all the help our community has given us, and we look forward to seeing what kind of plugins you are all able to create!